Managed WordPress Hosting


Free Migration

Hand us the keys to your pixelated headquarters, and allow us to tackle the awful affair of migrating your site over to Pixel Freakz’s high-quality website hosting for you – for free!

Server-Side Caching

Getting plug-ins to cache your site for you is irrelevant with our website hosting service. Performed on the server-side, caching is built-in using a custom configuration to ensure your site is always dominating.

No Overages

When you host with us, we’ll never charge you extra for going over. Instead, we will present you options that will work better for what you need – while accomplishing what you want.


Malware Monitoring

Not only do we scan your site for viruses and malware but, we will notify you immediately in the event of an attack to your site rendering it compromised. As well as, aid you in a plan of action for recourse to correct it.

Need WordPress Maintenance Too?

All Pixel Freakz Website Maintenance Packages Include Hosting!

That’s exactly right, your eyes are not deceiving you. All of our maintenance plans include our starter WordPress hosting plan – on the house! Though you can host with whomever you want, even if it’s not with us, you need to know something. Not only is our high-quality hosting complimentary on our WordPress optimized servers but, so is the migration – along with a few other perks of course. Plus, who wouldn’t want to keep it simple by having the same company handle both their maintenance and hosting?

Why Wait

Get Started Today!

Maintenancing your website doesn’t need to be harrowing. Allow us to step in and manage your site so you can concentrate on your business instead. Without denting your wallet, our affordable maintenance plans will cover you in a wave of peace of mind.

Client Testimonials

I'm a glass guy, and that's all I know. Everyone else wanted to charge outrageous prices and Brandon took care of everything for a fraction of the cost. He completed my website and got me on Google. He put everything into words I can understand and worked with me every step of the way. The website seems to be doing its job because my phones are ringing.

Jason  @


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