CMS To WordPress Migration

Unfortunately, not all CMS options are of a dependable measure. And if your existing site isn’t preforming as it should, it may be time for that dreaded transition. However, migraiting your CMS website to a new, updated WordPress version doesn’t need to be a daunting trek through the world wide pixel web – let alone a vexing obstacle on your rise of success. Here at Pixel Freakz, we make it a tranquil evolution.

Custom Pixel Design

Our party of innovative pixel designers are conceived in the farthest parts of the pixel reality with proficiency in making a site that catches the eye of your pixel perfect client – and keeps them there. All while accomplishing your needs and increasing your conversion rates. Let us help you make the next pixel de resistance.


Solid Foundations

Utilizing the trifecta of WordPress, Analytics, and SEO – our faction of pixel knights in pixelated armor only see one thing when it comes to assisting in engineering your next website, “all systems go”. All of which is constructed on solid foundations to spearhead the architecture of your new pixelated center of operations. Ensuring your base in the world wide web is of robust frameworks, and diminished odds of it all coming crumbling down in the future – with proper maintenance of course.

WooCommerce Development

It’s imperative for your pixel store in the world wide web to catapult in the sales, and impress your pixel perfect prospects, to create an enterprise generated by an effortless flow of revenue. Our pixel posse is savvy in relieving you, and your business, of all the drudgery. So all you’re left with is a site that’s easy as pi for you, and your ideal prospects, to navigate – and whatever other upgrades you so choose.

Tailor-Made Theme Development

Found on the techie terrene of the pixel galaxy, in a metropolis called Programmer Pixeltropolis, our development team will build-up your new, high-tech website – exhaustively from scratch. Every website they synthesize in their hidden labs is formulated with extra augmentation to ensure prime conversion rates. Our pixel coding crew obtained this attractive technique through many quests and evaluations that are essential in joining the pixel clan they have become a member of.

Custom Plugin Development

While the theme and design are the force that gravitates pixel perfect prospects to your site, plug-ins are what magnetize them there. Customized plug-ins however? Especially ones that are fashioned to more than gratify website-specific requisites – and extends the additional features however? Is a critical task, where if done right, can enchant your promising prospects into becoming bright consumers. Entrust our team to do just that instead of someone else who could make a detrimental mistake.

Craving A Fresh Website?

Our Panel Of Pixel Elites Are Here To Satisfy

When your online aspirations turn into a hunger that you just can’t quite slake, our team is here to satiate that need to the fullest. Whether it’s design, development, migration, or any other website creation medley fusion  – we can nourish the fruition of your affluence.


Ready To Grow Your Business?

Work with a team of talented design ninjas. Throughout the whole process - our brilliantly, skillful team will work with you to bring about your dream through your online presence. We listen to your goals, dreams, and visions in order to breathe life into them - and make them a pixel reality. All within a timely and efficient manner that will have you thinking we're ninjas of legend in the pixelated world wide web.

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