Responsive Website Design

Browsing the Internet while on the move is rapidly becoming the norm for a lot of people. And the numbers are growing exponentially. But how many potential customers and clients have used a mobile device to find your business website, only to be disappointed because your landing page doesn’t fit their screen or the navigation buttons are almost impossible to find?

Don’t let that happen to you.

Responsive designs from Pixel Freakz can make sure your website doesn’t become a source of customer complains, increasing traffic and leads, and hooking potential conversions with a responsive portal that clearly displays your high levels of professionalism.

eCommerce website development is much more than a regular website development. The development demands are bigger. You are dealing with real-time customers and not just visitors to your site. The first thing your visitors will look at on your website is the value you’ll be offering. However, it is not enough to have your value proposition right and assume your website will be a success.

Pixel Freakz has extensive experience in developing eCommerce solutions which will help you make your eCommerce solutions development easier and less time-consuming.

Pixel Freakz Team are great to work with, they produce a great finished product and guide you through yourproject all the way until it, perfect. I find PF really easy to communicate with and they always work hard to make my vision come to life.

Donald Thomas

Fit In 30

Thank you Pixel Freakz for giving my new business a fantastic, professional logo along with posters and business cards. Your work is truly amazing! I recommend PF to everyone. I have been 100% happy with all the work they have done for us.

Ivana Aligrudic

Body Food

We were working with PF on the revamp of our website and logo. Very good and speedy delivery and refreshing to work with a company that really understands and listens to what the client wants and then their expectations.

Darren Bayliss


We specialize in creative web design and digital marketing that effectively conveys your image and goals. Each project or website we create turns words and concepts into designs that reflect the spirit of a company, the purity of a brand, the aim of an organization, or the passions of an individual.