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After creating their new WP plug-in, ClassiPro was in need of a logo to go with it before they could launch their new product. And before that, they had to name it – which they did, ClassiPress. As it needed to follow along the lines of their current image, of course. As a result, they needed a chic logo that would do the same, yet stand out from their other products and branding at the same time. So, they contacted a company they could trust to do the job. Our team here at Pixel Freakz accomplished just that.


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Work with a team of talented design ninjas. Throughout the whole process - our brilliantly, skillful team will work with you to bring about your dream through your online presence. We listen to your goals, dreams, and visions in order to breathe life into them - and make them a pixel reality. All within a timely and efficient manner that will have you thinking we're ninjas of legend in the pixelated world wide web.


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