CBD Lust

The Total Package


A Local Phoenix, AZ 

CBD Product Review & Affiliate Company

In need of the complete internet marketing package, CBD Lust members contacted us to assist them on this venture. They were requiring everything from the basics: logo design, website design and development, and content – to other upgrades and options, such as: SEO, social media marketing and blog content, and a website support package. Their site, and what they represent, all had to coincide with the companies they are affiliates of as well. It had to embody all of them, all while upholding their pride of producing unbiased reviews of various CBD products and businesses – including their own.

Please Note: CBD Lust is a newer Pixel Freakz Partner, and as a result, their pixel perfect project is still underway. Some of the work you can view is shown below – and more pixelated updates are to come!


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Work with a team of talented design ninjas. Throughout the whole process - our brilliantly, skillful team will work with you to bring about your dream through your online presence. We listen to your goals, dreams, and visions in order to breathe life into them - and make them a pixel reality. All within a timely and efficient manner that will have you thinking we're ninjas of legend in the pixelated world wide web.


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