Increased subscribers

No matter the reason you’re looking to grow your online following, we’re here to help. No matter if it’s subscribers to your newsletter or blog, amplified likes and shares – or whatever may have you is the reason why you want to grow your brand. Our pixel marketing geniuses will help you increase your social media following to assist you in accomplishing that goal.

Inbound links

Expanding your social media devotees also means more inbound links to your site. More links to your site, equals more traffic. And more traffic means, well… we think you get the picture. Build your online reputation with our pixel perfect, social media marketing – and watch your brand boom.

Higher search engine rankings

When you tie it all together, plus the amplification of your social media profiles, it manifests into higher search volume. Resulting in higher search engine rankings. Making it an important factor of SEO that not everyone targets as they should. Trust our panel of pixel marketing masters to handle it for you.


Relatively low cost, high return activity

All in all, simply building brand awareness by compelling people to notice it – is good. However, captivating them with content that can go viral? So that they remember your brand in a positive light on top of that? Is even better. Social media ads offer a myriad of ways to boost and gauge brand cult awakening.


Ready For The Snowball Effect?

Pixel Freakz social media services include social media account management, generating viral content, creating social media promotions, consistently engaging with your following, and making RSS feeds available. As well as, embedding popular social network share buttons on your business blog or website, creating and maintaining your company blog, and promoting off-site link building articles through popular social bookmarking websites. Some of the most popular social media websites include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, Stumble Upon, and Reddit.However, we will target all social media platforms that are relevant to your business and will best attract your pixel perfect prospects.

Social Audit

  • Social Media Marketing Audit
  • Social Media Strategy Review
  • Social Media Marketing Plan Review
  • Social  Advertising Review 

Social Media Advertising

  • FaceBook Advertising
  • Reddit Marketing
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Instagram Ads

Social Creation

  • Social Media Publications
  • Social Media Account Creation
  • Viral Graphic Creation
  • Social Graphic Ad Creation

Social Automation

  • RSS Integration
  • Social Media Network Automation
  • Content Scheduling
  • Viral Automation

How It Works

Social Media Marketing

Generally speaking, an effort to promote a single article through social media channels will have a life cycle of something like this: post, like, share, repeat. Therefore, you could think of social media marketing as analogous to building muscle, each time the effort is made, the overall strength (traffic and inbound links) increases.

Client Testimonials

I'm a glass guy, and that's all I know. Everyone else wanted to charge outrageous prices and Brandon took care of everything for a fraction of the cost. He completed my website and got me on Google. He put everything into words I can understand and worked with me every step of the way. The website seems to be doing its job because my phones are ringing.

Jason  @


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