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Best Sex Toys for Adults

Sex toys are today more than, well, toys, seeing as they have successfully recreated the type of pleasure we know and even some that we had never tapped into before. Having a sex toy is like investing in yourself but not one where the banks end up at your doorstep! In this review, we’ll be discussing the best adult sex toys. You’re about to be enlightened on the different types of sex toys to get your blood pumping. So, sit back, ensure there are no kids around, and let’s get to it!


Vibrators produce with porous and non-porous materials. Vibrators are arguably the most common of all adult sex toys. With waterproof variants hitting the market, we can now agree that water-resistant tech is finally being put to exciting use! No offense to other waterproof devices, by the way. Effective as they are, we’ll take a closer look at the components and features of vibrators: materials, sizes, power types, stimulation zones, and the various forms of these adult sex toys. Let’s get to that!


Porous materials such as jelly, rubber, PVC, and vinyl are a pain to clean, keeping bacteria locked in. This is toxic and is why non-porous materials are the better option. Non-porous materials such as borosilicate glass, lucite, silicone, and stainless steel are much safer, keeping bacteria exposed enough to be easily wiped away!


Vibrators were originally designed using the same dimensions as the average penis size but this has since changed. Depending on what gets you head over heels, there are vibrators of significantly larger size than most would imagine.

Power Types

Vibrators come in the major power types as seen below:

  1. Replaceable batteries
  2. Rechargeable batteries
  3. Both replaceable and rechargeable batteries

Having a vibrator with both options is most convenient. Rechargeable vibrators come in second. So, if you have no issue with swapping out batteries once in a while, then you’re good to go with the replaceable battery models. Just remember to have backup battery packs in the home; you don’t want to be delayed from the action because of a dead battery if you know what I mean!

Stimulation zones

There are two main zones where vibrators are designed to massage in deriving that much-coveted 5-star pleasure! These include:

  1. Clitoris
  2. G-spot
  3. Vagina
  4. Prostate

Different vibrators stimulate different zones with some being able to stimulate multiple zones. In the next section, we’ll be taking a look at the different forms of vibrators and their respective stimulation zones. Then you would be able to remove the ounce of guesswork when choosing what vibrator deserves a spot in your home!

Forms of Vibrators

Vibrators come in different forms and you should make your choice depending on their respective features. The main forms of vibrators are described below:

  1. Rabbit Vibrators: Rabbit vibrators have two main parts: a thin, longer part that functions as a penetrating G-spot stimulator and a smaller part (sometimes has a rabbit head with ears, literally!) that stimulates the clitoris. Talk about 2-in-1 – Double the stimulation, double the fun!
  2. Butterfly Vibrators: Butterfly Vibrators are the go-to option in stimulating the entire vagina at one go. Strap-ons and dildo extensions make for an incredible hands-free experience!
  3. Magic wand Vibrators: While they look nothing like a Harry Potter’s wand, they still perform the magic of giving women intense pleasure. Magic wands are penis-shaped and are generally used for external stimulation. Mostly for stimulating the clitoris area but they can cover a broader area.
  4. Bullet Vibrators: To some, they look more like bullets, to others, eggs. Most commonly designed as silicone sex toys, Bullet vibrators are discreet sex toys that allow for a more on-the-low type of pleasure. This perk is owed to their portability, and it doesn’t stop there, they are perfect for targeted stimulations!
  5. Remote-control Vibrators: Traditional vibrators would require you to go down below to adjust controls. With remote-control vibrators, you can configure your preferences without having to do that. They are amazing discreet sex toys allowing for sex play even in public.


Dildos are designed to look like erect penises – which is why they’re referred to as phallic sex toys. With a dildo, vaginal or anal penetrations happen like in routine sex. Although dildos usually have the dimensions of human penises, you still have a world of options to choose from in terms of size and texture – you’ll finally get filled up, girl! And for our men, stick around for suction cups.


Dildos are made of virtually anything that can be carved into the desired phallic shape. Decades ago, rubber incorporated with steel for stiffness, PVC, and jelly rubber dildos were the trends but for safety-related reasons, they now have little to no space in the dildo world. Below, you’ll find the most common materials used in dildo production along with their merits, if any:

  1. Silicone rubber: Non-porous, easily sterilized, durable, and resists damage.
  2. High-end chrome-plated steel: Non-porous, durable, firm and hard, and low-friction.
  3. Borosilicate glass: Firm, personalizable with inscriptions.
  4. Cyberskin: Has a nice name, if that counts for anything. It’s delicate, porous, and hard to sterilize – not the best option!


The size of a dildo is limited only to the imagination of its creators. Typically, though, dildos have the same length as the average penis: 4-6 inches in length and 4-5 inches in diameter. Not the most discreet sex toys if you ask me but then again, being satisfied ranks higher than being discreet.

Power Types

Dildos are generally manual, working at whatever pace you work at, therefore there’s no need for a power source. However, the introduction of vibrating dildos changed the game – as these dildos have motors embedded in them for a more life-like experience – if you get my point.

Stimulation zones

Depending on the one you buy, a dildo can give maximum pleasure in the following stimulation zones:

  1. Prostate stimulation zone
  2. A-spot (Cervical) stimulation zone
  3. G-spot stimulation zone

Suction Cup Dildos

Sex explorers, meet a device that satisfies males and females alike! Applicable as masturbation toys or during sex, solo or with a partner, suction cup dildos are reliable toys to have on your shelf – whoever you are, whatever your preference! One more thing, suction cups work hands-free because they stay glued to any surface of your choosing. Dildos don’t always have to be straight penis-looking sex toys. They can have special features like the vibrator dildo that vibrates and thrusts. Or the inflatable dildos that allow for a change in circumference/girth. It could even have a suction cup that allows you to attach it to walls or surfaces. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

Thrusting and Vibrating Dildos

The only thing better than a dildo is a dildo that doubles as a vibrator. Here are the two main types of vibrating dildos:

  1. Dildos with built-in motors in the shaft.
  2. Dildos with openings in their base that can fit a bullet vibrator. So if you feel stuck with a dildo that doesn’t vibrate and wish it did, all hope is not lost; simply add a ring vibrator to it.

Inflatable Dildos

Inflatable dildos work in a balloon-ish manner. These dildos are attachable to a pump. So, say you enjoy a wider girth – and who doesn’t – all you need to do is have your dildo inflated to a size that tickles your fancy.

Realistic Dildos

From the veins to the texture, these are dildos that give an all-around experience. They are top sex toys for beginners and experts alike! Realistic dildos are the closest thing to having a penis that isn’t a penis.

Squirting Dildos

These are regular dildos but with the addition of compartments where you can add fake semen. It’s great for lovers of ejaculatory sex!

Anal Sex Toys

You know this review will cover both holes, don’t you? It’s time to take a look at the toys that bring that oozing satisfaction from behind, the anal sex toys! From the materials they’re made of to the various forms out there, this section covers it all.

Sizes and materials

You’re likely to come across anal sex toys made of the following materials:

  1. Silicone: Silicone sex toys are hygienic, realistic, soft yet firm, and therefore ideal for anal expeditions!
  2. Glass: Anal sex toys made of glass present some merits over silicone-based ones. One of these merits includes the sensation of coolness and heat for that 3D sexual experience. They are also firm and hygienic but don’t do too well with vibrations. Also, they could set your wallet back a few digits more than others would.

In terms of the length and girth, see the common size of anal sex toys below:

  • Length: The average length is usually in the 4–6-inch range. For an anal sex toy, it’s best practice to stay within this range. But if a deeper anal sensation is what you’re here for, go for the soft-material silicone sex toys – they work magic!
  • Girth: The girth of an anal sex toy must be favorable to your rectum, remember that when shopping for new sex toys. A diameter of around 1.25 inches is the recommended size for absolute beginners. Petite people can have slightly thinner toys and thicker people can have slightly wider toys ranging from 1.20-1.75 inches.

Your finger is a suitable measure for your girth as it measures about 0.5-0.75 in diameter and sliding it up your anal hole can help in choosing which size would best suit you.

Power and Stimulation Zones

Anal sex toys are generally operated manually with no need for any level of motorization. However, you know tech always finds a way into everything hence the introduction of remote-control and vibrating anal sex toys powered by batteries. So where do you experience the pleasure? Well, as long as you lubricate the anus with sufficient lube, anal sex toys have the clitoral, prostate, and penile (penis) stimulation zones.

Waterproof and Inflatable Anal Sex Toys

Whether in your bedroom or the bathroom, you can get your anal toys out and jump into action! Waterproof toys exist specially to enable an everywhere-use. Portability is also covered by inflatable toys. Once you find your privacy, get it out, inflate it, and off you go!

Popular types of anal sex toys

Tapered or bulbous, anal sex toys come in various models, see the most important ones below:

  • Butt Plugs: Butt plugs are just maybe the most common of the anal sex toys hence their availability in many various forms. You have the jeweled butt plugsthe tail but plugs, the textured vibrating butt plugs, and the non-vibrating weighted butt plugs, each with their respective perks – talk about options!
  • Anal Beads: These plugs are simply a row of graduated ABS plastic or silicone beads, linked either by nylon string, thin pieces of silicone, or silicone molded into a base. The bead at one end is quite small and the size gets larger gradually as you drive through to the other end. This brings a more thrilling experience as they can be removed from the body at your unique point of climax depending on which bead gets you there.
  • Anal Vibrators: Anal vibrators could be in form of anal beads or even butt plugs. They are great for relaxing the rectum and stimulating the A-spot and p spot.
  • Anal Dildos: These toys create a thrusting motion in the anus. They come in a vast variety of sizes and shapes and can be used to simulate an actual anal sex experience. Their design though doesn’t allow for a hands-free experience. When shopping for an anal dildo it’s recommended to buy one with a flared base to prevent it from getting lost in the anus.
  • Anal Hooks: Anal hooks generally are curved pieces of metal with a ball at one end and a loop at the other end. The ball goes into the rectum while a rope can be attached to the loop (you can use your finger of course). The ball can be swapped out for preferred sizes. The hook is usually 6 inches long to allow for maximum penetration and about 1 inch in diameter. Anal hooks are commonly used during predicament bondage sex, it brings a vulnerable feel along. Remember to use a sizeable amount of silicone lube, by the way!
  • Anal Douches and Enemas: If you don’t want to see traces of feces on your toy after use, you may want to give yourself an anal douche, also known as an enema. It involves the cleaning of your rectum and getting rid of feces in your rectum. You want to be careful with this process, it does pose some risk.

BDSM Sex Toys and Gears

Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism, the core components/actions of BDSM. To carry out these actions, BDSM toys are most often used. So how about we take a close look at the different types of toys we have?

BDSM Restraints

This refers to BDSM toys that are used to bound some body parts of the submissive partner, known as a sub. The point of BDSM restraints is to limit or restrict movement. BDSM restraints include bondage ropes, cuffs, and chains. Quite often, BDSM restraints are used just before impact play.

Tools for Impact Play

When it’s time for sensual, massage-like, or pain sensations, you must use the appropriate tools. If you don’t, then you know nothing, Jon Snow. The tools for impact play include:

  1. Spanking paddles and floggers
  2. Whips
  3. Ticklers

Outfits and Fetish Wear

This refers to the erotic clothing that either or both partners wear during BDSM. Movies would have you think it’s generally black biker leather clothing but in reality, it’s anything that gets the blood pumping!

Electrosex Toys

Electrosex toys are, simply put, motorized BDSM toys. They have a reputation for being intense sex machines and there are a ton of different options available. Think wands, anal plugs, and floggers that are not powered by hand.

Mouth Gags

Mouth gags work wonders for people that are turned on by having themselves or their respective partners consensually unable to talk. With mouths gagged and impact play tools at the ready, some would call it paradise. Remember to have a non-verbal safe word before gag play, it’s mighty important!

Nipple and Clit Clamps

Clamps are erotic toys that vary according to the body parts they are used for. Ideally, they are designed to create a pleasurably painful pulling or twisting sensation. Put them on and pause the flow of blood to certain parts, take them off and blood flows again, often accompanied with some brief sharp pain.

Spanking Paddles and Floggers

Spanking paddles, looking like ping pong paddles are designed to hit a larger surface area than floggers, easy to carry too. Floggers, usually made of leather or metal. They typically have a handle with a bunch of tails or strips at the end. The more tails a flogger has, the heavier it is, but more tails equal more pleasure so… touche.

Orgasm Control and Chastity Devices

Here, the sub gives the dom complete control over their orgasm, usually via the use of chastity devices – a profound submissive act.

Chastity Belts and Cages

Chastity belts are underwear in BDSM power play that limits the sub from engaging in sexual intercourse – a classic example of chastity devices. Once again, I must reiterate that a safe word is mighty important. Most Chastity belts have built-in, butt and vaginal plugs, cock rings, or vibrating abilities. This makes them more stimulating and all the more ironic because they seem to be offering what they prevent. Chastity cages are like chastity belts that are limited to the genitals alone whereas chastity belts go around the entire pelvic region. Another major difference is that chastity cages are strictly designed for the penis.

Bondage Collars and Masks

Bondage collars and masks are quite descriptive titles. They’re worn by subs on the neck and face respectively like all collars and masks are. Obviously, though, they must have extra functions than the average collars and masks.

Penis and Pussy Pumps

These are tools that increase the flow of blood to the genitals and hence more sensitive genitals. Penis pumps coax the penis into strong erections, and who doesn’t want that? Pussy pumps have a similar function: increase the sensitivity of the clitoris and vulva via vulva-sized chambers. If these tools are particularly new to you, then you have a fantasy world to explore.

Bondage Ropes and Furniture

These are BDSM restraint tools that keep the sub strapped to wherever the dom deems fit, most often some bondage furniture. The Primary use of bondage ropes is to restrict movement, and well, they’ve done so successfully for decades but you most likely already knew that. If you didn’t, we may have some recommendations for you.

Male Sex Toys

Although less popular than those meant for females, male sex toys are available in numbers with multiple different options. Let’s have a look at the best sex toys for men below:

  • Male MasturbatorsEncompassing a wide range of male masturbation toys, these consist of the best sex toys for men that allow for the penis is to be stimulated either in the form of artificial mouths or pussy.
  • Fleshlight: These are masturbatory sex devices with openings for the penis to be inserted, see them as your very own pocket pussies that are ready for action whenever you are!
  • Penis sleeves and Extensions: These are sex toys used to increase the length and girth of penises. Once attached, you would be wielding a weapon enough to fill up any woman. It is also used by males with erectile dysfunction to have the feel of firmly erected penises between their legs.
  • Anal sex toys for men: These are a subset of male sex toys that are applied from behind, through the anus. These appeal to men who like to be penetrated during sexual play.
  • Male Vibrators: These are male sex toys that provide hands-free sexual stimulation to the penis. This is done via vibrations of varying degrees of intensity and works as well with a partner as without.
  • Prostate Massagers: These are finger-shaped sex toys that stimulate the prostate gland – the gland responsible for the production of semen, resulting in an overall feel-good sensation like never before!
  • Cock Rings: These are male vibrators that keep blood in the penis to make it bigger and harder for a longer period while delaying orgasm for that bonus pleasure.
  • Penis Pumps: Already mentioned in this review, penis pumps make another appearance – talk about versatility. Well, they increase blood flow to the penis and result in stronger, longer-lasting erections.

Sex Toys for Gay Men

The fair world of sex toys has something for everyone with an interest. In this section, we’ll take a look at the top-rated sex toys for gay men. Like many categories of sex toys in this review, there are options for solo-use and couple-use. Some solo-use toys for gay men include:

  1. Prostate massagers
  2. Cock rings
  3. Penis pumps

On the other hand, here are couple-use toys for gay men:

  1. Strap-on dildos
  2. Tenga deepthroat
  3. Fuck bench

Sex Toys for Women

Sex toys that are specifically designed to stimulate the female organs are available in their numbers! There is no shortage, maybe because there are several erogenous zones in the female system. Let’s have a look at the best sex toys for women:

  • Vaginal sex toys: This category encompasses all vaginal stimulating toys for women. Think G-spot dildos, vibrators, vibrating panties, pussy pumps, and several other toys we have mentioned so far.
  • Clitoral sex toys: These consists are the best sex toys for women in stimulating the clitoral region. Great examples are clit vibrators and clit clamps.
  • Anal sex toys: Anal sex toys include butt plugs, anal beads, anal douches and enemas, anal vibrators, anal dildos, anal hooks and so many other toys designed for anal stimulation.
  • Nipple sex toys: Nipples are, by default, erogenous zones for most. Almost every sensation around this zone can be arousing. Hence the purpose of nipple clamps, nipple functions, and nipple vibrators.
  • Vibrating Panties (Knickers): Discrete sex toys such as vibrating panties are recent developments in the world of sex toys. They are toys attached to undies and controlled by smartwatches and remotes. With time, 24/7 pleasure might just be a real thing.
  • Ben Wa Balls: Also known as Kegel Balls, these are top-rated sex toys known for their ability to strengthen the vaginal & pelvic floor muscles, and intense sexual pleasures. They are usually light and small, but they do come in a wide range of sizes and weights.
  • Pussy Pumps: We’ve discussed pussy pumps already: those toys that increase the sensitivity of the clitoris and vulva using a plastic chamber, a hose, and a pump.

Sex Toys for Lesbians

The toys listed above are ideal for any and every woman interested in sex play. Some toys, however, have earned a consistent spot in the lives of lesbians. Let’s take a look at them below, for both solo and couple play:

  1. For solo play: When the play session involves you alone, you want to use toys that give you easy access to your erogenous zones. With that said, anal sex toys that require constant manual thrusting may not necessarily be favorites. The top picks would be vaginal and clitoral sex toys such as dildos, vibrators, and strap-ons. You can’t go wrong with those!
  2. For couples play: If it’s about to be a team play, then there are no holds barred. All toys are welcome to the party to add their portion of spice. The most common options for lesbian couples are BDSM, vaginal, clitoral, and anal sex toys. Pussy pumps are fast becoming a regular so you may want to try them out too.

Sex Toys for Couples

Some prefer solo sex play; others prefer it with their partner alongside to spice up the routine sex. Whichever camp you’re in, this review has you covered. You must have seen toys that apply to both categories by now but it’s only right that sex toys for couples get a subheading. Let’s take a look at some of them below:

Wireless Remote-controls Toys

Technology has gotten us to the greatest heights in sex play! With cord-free remote-control toys, you can sex play with your partner from anywhere in the world via the internet. Some models can work with Wi-Fi but then, Wi-Fi doesn’t have that much range.

Bondage Sex Toys

BDSM has two participants by default. So, its toys are centered around couples. The bondage sex toys highlighted in the BDSM subheading are sex toys for couples – take a pick!

Sex Accessories

These are sex items that are used in conjunction with other sex toys to amp up the effect, which is exactly what couples aim for. These include any sex equipment, from sex furniture to lubricants.

Sex Games for Adults

We get play ideas from movies we see and games we play. This applies here too: play adult sex games with your partner and it gradually escalates.

Couples Vibrators

Self-explanatory, this one. These are vibrators that couples use during sex play. There is a world of different options available.

Sex Swings

Also known as slings, these sex toys are designed to keep Partner A comfortably suspended above ground while Partner B, who moves freely, has sex with Partner A. Quite an adventure sex swings must be for couples because they give access to genitals from angles only acrobats could attain naturally.


Not all toys are wielded by hand, some are kept as closely as clothing is. There are several types with variances in the design of straps, the connection of the main toy component to the straps that facilitate the stimulation.

Sex Dolls

Perhaps the most exciting toys yet are the sex dolls. A model of attractive sexual partners with as much detail as you’re willing to pay for. Sex dolls vary widely in features – material, size, heating, etc. But one thing they must have in common is the ability to satisfy virtually anyone with a sexual urge!


Companies quite often require some time to settle on the standard material for use in the creation of any product. With relation to sex dolls, the following materials have already been used, with the dolls evolving each step of the way:

  1. Cloth: For the more unofficial creators of sex dolls, cloth material is the way to go. It is cheap and relatively easy to shape. In terms of realness though, it’s far behind.
  2. (Tin cure/Platinum cure) Silicone: Many sex toys are made of silicone because of the material’s versatility.
  3. Thermoplastic Elastomer (TBE): Originally used in China, TBE allowed for realistic dolls that are significantly cheaper than silicone-based ones.

Body Type, Size, Age, and Gender

Like with people, dolls have detail that makes them unique. The overall look of a doll depends on its manufacturer’s definition of its body type, size, age, and gender. This way, people have different options and would likely find dolls they’re attracted to.

Heating, Moaning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Sex dolls are dynamic toys with evolving AI that aim to create realistic sexual events. Heating and moaning are natural during traditional sex so it was only a matter of time before they got integrated into intercourse with sex dolls. The sensations are dished at appropriate times determined by AI.

Realistic Sex Dolls

These are lifelike, life-sized, kinky sex toys created for a more realistic sexual experience. New materials and AI are being introduced to create more interactive sex toys. The future sure seems bright for sex dolls although they do have the potential of being luxury sex toys.

Male, Female, and She-male Sex Dolls

Surely, there are sex dolls that are designed to be male, complete with all the masculine features. Conversely, female sex toys exist in the form of dolls, complete with necessary feminine features. Sex dolls that come with both the male and female genitals are known as she-male sex dolls. They’re perfect for solo and couple use, irrespective of gender.

Anime Sex Dolls

Anime characters are known for being crazy sexy-looking. The depictions of these characters are now made possible via sex dolls, and we love to see them!

Inflatable Sex Dolls

Going on travel, you can have an inflatable sex doll in your bag. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, inflate these kinky sex toys and unleash your sexual urges of fury!

Routine sex may soon be outdated. We can now create the types of pleasure we want to experience whether alone or with a partner. Sex toys are the way to go if you’re looking to spice up your sex life and truly make it worth living! This review was written to show you all you need to know about the different types of sex toys out there. Since you’ve read to the end, you probably know enough of what would excite you by now so, mission accomplished!

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